It’s Christmas All Over the World… (and I have a golden deer in my living room)

“And so this is Christmas… and what have you done?” – I have been involved in a huge professional project which has consumed my life :oD (dramatic, aren’t I?). But seriously, I have been working a lot and traveling a lot, which – sadly –  means very little attention to the blog of mine!

But, there’s no better time than now! So let’s get to work!

I had at least 10 DIY projects lined up for this Christmas Season, but unfortunately, I was only able to make three of them happen… and here’s the one I’m the proudest!


Part 1


  1. Two paintbrushes
  2. An old glove or a clean rag (to smoothe out the gold leaves. Trust me – works like magic!)
  3. Cardboard Buck Head (Mine is made out of plywood and was purchased at Michaels, but I couldn’t find it there anymore. However, this one also works and it’s WAY cheaper! Yay!)
  4. Martha Stewart Gold Leaf
  5. Martha Stewart Gilding Adhesive
  6. Gold Spray Paint
  7. Vases to decorate
  8. A couple of pinecones for decoration
  9. Ribbon to wrap around the vases (to make them more festive!) :oD
  10. Leaf Sealer


Part 2


Leafing can be very challenging (My first attempt at leafing involved my coffee table… oh, I was SO wrong… I had to redo it 3 times! :oD). However, if you follow the instructions below, you’ll do quite well.

Before we start, I just wanna show you what my deer head looked like when I bought it.

IMG_1274.jpgThis is how my buck head came packaged. Two plywood leaves (the parts were cut into it). If you follow the assembling instructions to the T, you’ll be fine.





1. Start out by spreading the glue with a paintbrush (It’ll be sort of foamy and thin – don’t panic, it’s ok). I did 4 to 6 parts at a time because the glue takes a couple of minutes to be dry enough for you to start leafing.                                IMG_1278.jpg


2. Remove the sheets one by one from the package (it should come attached to a sheet of wax paper) – Don’t try and remove the leaf from this sheet. Then cut the leaf sheets in stripes (enough to cover the parts).


3. When the glue goes from white to clear, you can start leafing: Place the leaf with the ORANGE paper facing UP. Smooth it out using your finger to make sure the leaf has completely adhered to the part. It should look like this:                         IMG_1279.jpg


4. Delicately remove the orange paper and using a glove, smooth out the leaf (this part of the process has to be REALLY delicate. These babies tear up just by “looking” at them!) IMG_1277.jpg


5. Continue on with the process until all the parts are covered:


OBS: Don’t leaf the very tiny parts (I’ll tell you what to do with them in a minute)




6. Wait about 10 minutes for the leaf to dry and apply the sealer with a clean and dry paintbrush.


7. After the sealer is dry (about 20 minutes later). Spray paint the back of the deer head sheets (it’ll be the inside of your deer head).                                      IMG_1283.jpg

You might ask: why not simply spray paint it? Because of this:


See the difference? Gold leaf is textured and rich… it is gorgeous!!!


8. Carefully… again: CAREFULLY detach the parts that have leafing on them (detach them from the back – the spray-painted part – pushing upward) to avoid tearing of the gold leaf. Smooth out the sides. IMG_1285.jpg

OBS: If there are small pieces left without any leaf on them, use the spray paint on them (this way they’ll be more durable and easier to work with).

9. Now, let’s put this baby together!IMG_1286.jpg

10. Hanging this guy is easy-peasy since it’s not heavy!IMG_1313.jpg


11. Now, all you have to do is arrange some vases (I love chinoiserie, but you can use whatever you think is more “you” – like ornaments in an apothecary jar or candles!), wrap some ribbon around your choice of container, add some pinecones to the mix (to make it more festive) and there you go! You cabin-chic Christmas DIY is ready!                                 IMG_1314.jpg


I’m SO in love with it!

I hope you have enjoyed it! I’ll try and post another DIY project this week… but please forgive me  if I can’t –  I promise you I’ll be more frequent next year!

Thank You, Guys!!!

Come back soon and Merry Christmas!!!