Hey, Guys and Dolls!

We’re back!

Today I thought of sharing something a little different:

I love decorative plates. They are so fun! It’s a great way to make a huge design statement and not very hard to put together, so I thought of making a Halloween Plate Wall!

Thing is: I couldn’t find real plates that were to my liking, so I’ve decided to make my own!

Therefore, here’s my DIY Sort-of-Creepy Steampunk-ish Halloween Plate Wall:

Part 1


  1. Clear Plastics Plates 10″
  2. Clear Plastic Plates 7.5″
  3. Mod Podge
  4. Krylon White Glossy Spray Paint
  5. Scissors
  6. Compass
  7. A Pen
  8. An Eraser
  9. Halloween Printables
  10. A Paint Brush

Part 2


1. Choose the printouts – there’s an array of free Halloween Printables to Choose from online. I chose the ones that spoke to me. Print them out using a laser printer (deskjets will make the design bleed). You can create your own compositions like I did.


2. I’ve come up with 3 techniques to make my plates – I will explain them in detail later:

A – Decoupage without Spray Painting

B – Decoupaging the Design to the Front of the plate

C – Decoupaging the Design to the Back of the Plate

If you are new to Decoupaging, it’s a technique to decorate surfaces by applying cutouts (as of paper) and then coating with usually several layers of finish (such as lacquer, varnish – or ModPodge)

3. Use the plate as a template and draw a circle on the back of the printouts. IMG_4036.jpg

4. Cut the designs IMG_4037.jpg

5. Decoupage without Spray Painting – Cut small slits all around the circular printout:IMG_4038.jpg

6. Spread ModPodge to the BACK of the plate or to the FRONT the printout – I obviously made a mistake here, but you get the gist!  LOL IMG_4039.jpg

7. Carefully place the plate on top of the printout and fold the slits following the shape of the plate:IMG_4040.jpg


8. Decoupaging the design to the FRONT of the plate – Spray Paint the back of the plate with your favorite color. I chose white, but it will work with any other color.IMG_4098.jpg

9. Cut around the design:IMG_4099.jpg

9. Create your composition, use ModPodge to attach it to the  FRONT  of the  plate;  add a layer of ModPodge to the Front, and set it aside to dry. Add a second layer if needed.IMG_4100.jpg

10. Decoupaging it to the BACK of the plate – Cut around the design, create your composition and glue the design to the BACK of the plate.IMG_4101.jpgIMG_4102.jpg

11. After its dry, spray paint the back of the plate. This is my favorite technique and the result will be very realistic.IMG_4103.jpg



12. Add small pieces of Command Strips to the back of each plate and decide how you want to hang them:IMG_8283.JPG

And VOILÀ! You’ve got yourself a personalized, Halloween Plate Wall!9EA8FAB4-184B-4D68-8B2B-BB1A258EC551.JPG

Not to brag, but I’m obsessed with mine!

What do you think?

If you decide to make your own, please leave a comment below with the link! I’m gonna love to see it!!!!

Well… this is it, peeps… come back tomorrow, for another Hallowing DIY!

Stay Frightened!











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