Episode 4: Once upon a time, there was a mummy…

… who was so cute, it didn’t scare anyone! LOL

Hey, guys! Another day, another DIY… I’ve thought about how to add a “light” component to our Halloween Galore… so after brainstorming, researching – aka, Pinterest and others places online – I ended up choosing 3 sets of lanterns. My theme is CUTESIE HAUNTED HOUSE, so I’ll have all kinds of creatures “in da house”.

Today’s DIY is one character that is part of a 4 part set:

Ladies and Gentleman: I give you TUTTY, THE MUMMY…

Part 1


  1. A wine glass
  2. Gauze
  3. Ultra Fine Glow Glitter
  4. Elmer’s Glue
  5. White Paint
  6. Craftsmart Black Paint Pen
  7. Scissors
  8. 1 Flameless Tea Light Candle


Part 2


1. Make sure the wine glass is clean and dry.

2. Paint the exterior white – One coat is enough. Wait until it’s dry.



3. Cut the gauze in 2 inch-wide strips and start by the stem of the glass, adding a dot of glue there and securing one end of the strip.



4. Continue to wrap the gauze around the glass, securing the ends with glue. Leave an opening in the upper part – that’s where the eyes will go. ❤



5. Finish wrapping the gauze, leaving a “visor” area uncovered.



6. To make it a little “glitzy” and girly, sprinkle some glitter on the areas where you’ve used glue.


7. Draw the eyes, using the black paint pen.


8. Add a tea light on top and it’s ready to go!


I just can’t… this is way too CUTE! Just wait till you see the rest of the gang!

Well, guys, that’s a “wrap”! HEHE… come back tomorrow to see what other lil’ monster I’ll bring to play with Tutty!

Hope you’re having as much fun as I am!

See you tomorrow!



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