Extreme Cleansing – Part 1: MakeUp Removers

And then, because I’ve just moved into a new home… I think it’d be adequate to talk about cleaning something… LOL Fact is: I’ve gone through so many kinds of Skin Cleansing Products and MakeUp Removers, and Exfoliators that, well… I thought I’d give you my opinion on what works (for me!) and what doesn’t. … More Extreme Cleansing – Part 1: MakeUp Removers

Moving In

And so me and “the love of my life” have moved into a new apartment… I’m happy and excited and… SORE! Me and him moved a whole bunch of awesomely heavy stuff down three flights of stairs and then into the car (YES, car. Who believes in U-Haul anyway? LOL) and then out of the … More Moving In